ARTHER Dapper Pack

Arther with Dapper gear! (Unlocked by buying the Dapper DLC)

ARTHER is a flying robot drone and the players personal companion.

Survival Edit

At the beginning of the game, ARTHER is broken and the last step of the tutorial requires crafting a power core in order to repair him. Once he's back online, ARTHER follows the player and serves as their personal assistant. ARTHER is wise, you should listen to ARTHER.

Like the Player, ARTHER will recover solar energy during the day as long as he's not too far underground. His current energy level is indicated by a blue bar above the toolbar.

ARTHER will always attempt to keep the Players suit fully charged. If he's running low on energy he can be manually recharged by using Energy Boosters or letting him dock at a nearby ARTHER Charging Station.

It is very important to keep ARTHER charged, as he can store more energy than the player can.


Creative Edit

In creative mode, ARTHER tells you what block you are currently using.

When equipped, ARTHER will also tell you what setting you have your weather staff on.

Dapper Indie Supporter's Pack Edit

With the Dapper Pack you get extras for Arther

  • Bonus Skin
  • Dapper Hat
  • Monocle
  • Stylish Stache

You also get more items with the Dapper Pack

You can buy the Dapper Indie Supporter's Pack on Steam Here

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