FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

The Auto Excavator is a machine for digging large vertical shafts from below. It is not capable of digging out ore veins unless the world is set to rapid resources. It will not destroy nor remove any machinery.


Place the auto-excavator at the bottom. It will need to be supplied with power from a Laser Energy Transmitter (LET) or an other power sources and it will dig a 3x3 shaft straight up with a maximum height of 512 blocks.


  • The auto-excavator is automates digging shafts. Place it and walk away! even a basic LET can power this item it just requires more time than giving it sufficient power.
  • To remove ores in it's path use the NanoDisintegrator or Superdig. In Rapid mode only T1 and T2 ore will be removed.
  • Need a bigger shaft? Use multiple Auto-Excavators. placing 4 right next to each other in a square will make a 4x4, spread them out a bit and you can get a 6x6 shaft!