The BFL-9000 is a tool used to bore a 5 m wide by 5 m tall horizontal tunnel.  It requires a lot of power. Items including ore will fall to the ground though it is a very inefficient way to mine ore.

Power Per Cycle: 1280

Power Capacity: 2560

Max Power Recharge Rate: 2560pps

Max Boring Distance: Unlimited

Max Excavation Rate: 0.2 meters per second

Usage Edit

  • The BFL-9000 appears much larger than its single block. When placed, the legs will appear to go down one extra block.
  • When digging, the BFL-9000 will dig three block higher than itself and one block lower.
  • If the BFL-9000 is placed incorrectly (e.g. facing downward), it will destroy itself becoming an entity laying on the ground.
  • It has no maximum boring distance.
  • If aimed at equipment or machinery, the BFL-9000 will destroy it along with the terrain.
  • Currently BFL-9000 can also be used to dig upwards. This is a bug and might be fixed in the future.
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