What Is It Used For?

The Basic Ore Smelter is used to smelt the Ores you find in game and turn Ores in Bars. Smelters are one of the most used machines in the game as you need them to progress further. More time in the game will require you to craft more than just the 1 smelter you are given at the start.


Basic Ore Smelter-0

 The Basic Ore Smelter is less efficient than the Ore Smelter. On the Plentiful resource setting, the Basic Ore Smelter requires 8 ore per bar, while the Ore Smelter only requires 4.        

 The Basic Ore Smelter will consume 48 ore per minute which translates to 6 bars per minute. By comparison, the Ore Smelter (without forced induction) consumes 16 ore per minute which translates to 4 bars per minute. Thus it's worth noting that despite being less efficient than the Ore Smelter, the Basic Ore Smelter produces more bars per minute which can be valuable in the early stage of the game.         

Forced Induction Modules cannot be used to speed up Basic Ore Smelters. Forced Induction Modules can only be placed on top of the Ore Smelter.        

          The Basic Ore Smelter will only work above -40m.        


  • This Machine doubles the ore requirement for making a bar. While this seems wasteful, ore is easy to find and things can take a while in this game. Using a basic smelter will speed things up until you can create more regular smelters.


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