FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

Only works at -25 meters or above.

Removes materials from the ground in a 9x9 shaft and spits it out into an inventory around it. Materials are not sorted in any way when returned to the surface, leaving it up to the player to deal with the mess on conveyor belts.

The quarry starts by placing Chevrons around the edge that is will start digging. They can be either red or yellow chevrons. They can be crafted with the player crafting menu (press 'C'). Place these in a hopper next to the quarry and the quarry will take them out and place them.

The quarry consumes power based on the current dig depth, equal to 150 base power per block plus the dig depth in meters.  The quarry has a maximum power buffer of 4096, so the quarry's maximum depth is 3,946 meters.  However the maximum practical depth is 1500m because this is the level at which titanium, gold, and nickel ores stop spawning.  When digging ore, the effective efficiency is 10%, the same as an un-upgraded basic ore extractor.

Ores Mined

The following ores will be mined by the quarry: