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Blank Ore Ping.png

Combine with a piece of ore to create specific ore pings. This ore ping does not require power cost.


Used in

Name Materials
Coal Ore Ping
Coal Ore Ping.png
Copper Ore Ping
Copper Ore Ping.png
Tin Ore Ping
Tin Ore Ping.png
Iron Ore Ping
Iron Ore Ping.png
Lithium Ore Ping
Lithium Ore Ping.png
Gold Ore Ping
Gold Ore Ping.png
Nickel Ore Ping
Nickel Ore Ping.png
Titanium Ore Ping
Titanium Ore Ping.png
Crystal Deposit Ping
Crystal Deposit Ping.png
Biomass Growth Ping
Biomass Growth Ping.png
Resin Ping

Bug: Play in native english, if the ping is not working