Tutorial Start

The CPH as it appears during the tutorial

Description: "Combines combustion and solar energy. The center of your base's power network!"

The Central Power Hub (CPH) serves as the initial source of Power for your base.  Initially, it is also connected to a Manufacturing Plant , Ore Smelter , Hopper , and Research Station .

You can provide fuel to the CPH via a hopper or manually adding a fuel.  Fuel cannot be placed directly into the CPH from a conveyor. It must go into a hopper from which the CPH can then accept fuel.

Burnable Fuel:

Power can be manually added to the CPH from your suit, or removed to recharge your suit, but can't be added from external power source using Laser Energy Transmitters .

The CPH will charge/recharge machines that are directly next to it, such as Power Storage Blocks , Ore Extractors , ARTHER Charging Stations , Ore Smelters, or an attached Laboratory . This uses some of the energy stored in the Hub.

The CPH will recharge using solar power during the day, and fold up it's solar cells at night. This does not interfere with it's ability to burn fuel to generate energy.

The purple beam coming out of the top of the Hub will destroy blocks in a 3x3 radius, preventing players from completely encasing the Hub to prevent damage from mobs during an invasion. The solar panels can be blocked and blocks above them will not be destroyed.

Construction Edit

Since the CPH serves such a critical function in survival mode, it can not be constructed, removed, destroyed, nor relocated.

Central Power Hub GUI

Charging the OETEdit

Defending the CPH while charging the OET is critical.  If the CPH resets due to an attack, the OET will lose any charge it has gained.