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The explosive requires power to be charged. Transfer power to it as you would any other machine via power blocks or laser transmitters. It keeps its charge once you pick it up therefore you would be wise to charge the explosive far from your base and take it with you to the desired location lest you accidentally blow up your base (you have been warned!). They are currently the only way to destroy Hivemind cores, aside from the OET.

The explosion's charge level determines how big the explosion will be.

Level Power Req. Radius
1 100 5
2 1,000 10
3 10,000 15
4 100,000 20
5 1,000,000 25
6 10,000,000 30
7 100,000,000 35
8 1,000,000,000 40
9 10,000,000,000 45
10 (Max) 100,000,000,000 50

To detonate the explosive, place it, look at it and press "SHIFT+E" to light the fuse (note: that you can do this from long range). After activation, there is a 6 sec delay once the fuse is lit before the explosion occurs.

It would be prudent to use this time to escape the blast radius.


Research Required


  • The recipe for chargeable explosives has changed a few times since it was created.
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