FortressCraft Evolved Wiki
Cost Description
Nano Disintegrator Nano Disintegrator.png Turns a 3x3x3 area underneath it into rubble
Chargeable Explosive Chargeable Explosive.png Supply Power to increase explosion radius.
Ore Pings Coal Ore Ping.pngCopper Ore Ping.pngTin Ore Ping.pngIron Ore Ping.pngLithium Ore Ping.pngGold Ore Ping.pngTitanium Ore Ping.pngNickel Ore Ping.pngCrystal Deposit Ping.pngBiomass Growth Ping.pngResin Ping.pngChromium Ping.pngMolybdenum Ping.png 1x Blank Ore Ping

1x Ore you are looking for

(Since Hardened Resin can't be mined, its ping uses Organic Rock instead)

Creates a consumable item, that will only show a specific ore type without using power.