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CryoPlasm is the enemy during the Frozen Factory Expansion. It grows from eight spawn locations in a square 320 blocks from the Climate Control Centre.

The spawners are always created at a depth of -240, regardless of the elevation at which you place your Climate Control Centre. This applies even if a machine (like a conveyor belt) already exists at that location, which will be destroyed to make room for it. A multi-block machine will only have one block destroyed. Paste blocks and stone are destroyed in a region around the spawner, 2 blocks above and below, and 5 blocks to every side.

(Note the picture showing the turbine with a block destroyed. Also notice the cryoplasm being spawned around, and the scaffolding platform the turbine was built on has been mostly destroyed.)

Once the spawners are created, they begin to create the cryoplasm. These behave in two different ways. Some cryoplasm blocks fall to the floor, and some stay where they are. The Cryoplasm melter causes cryoplasm that's floating in the air to fall to the floor.

The attack occurs in several stages, and does not advance to the next stage until you build and activate the next building.

The Cryoplasm Spawners are not created until you place *and* power up the Climate control centre. At this point the Cryoplasm will mostly just stay around the spawners. It will spawn in a cube about 7 blocks to each side, 6 blocks above, and 6 blocks below the spawner. It will mostly fall to the floor at this stage.

Once you place (and power up) your first Particulate Filtration System, it will begin to grow tendrils towards your CCC. These grow through the air and some will drop to the floor beneath. These grow in spurts, not steadily. The more particle filtration systems you have, the more aggressively it will attack you

At first they will travel in as straight a line as possible. Once you cut back their advance using Cryoplasm lancers (the only weapon available to you at first) they will begin to take alternate routes. It's important to note that because they grow in relatively fast spurts, they WILL advance past your defenses by quite a distance, at least at first. These tendrils will grow through non-reinforced blocks. These tendrils will also break through reinforced blocks if they are blocking the way to your base, for example, if you made a giant box around your base it will break through the blocks, just not instantly. But if you surround say your particle filtration system with reinforced blocks and it is not all the way to the ceiling it will probably just go over or around it.

Once you place (and begin to power up) the Magma Bore, they get even more aggressive and grow more quickly.

See the Guide: Cryoplasm Fighting for strategies to defeat it.

Each type of Cryoplasm is worth 32 research points for a total of 64 points. The spawner is also worth 10 research points.

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