FortressCraft Evolved Wiki
Name Icon Description
Crushes and disposes of unwanted material.
Auto Excavator
Auto Excavator.png
Digs a 3x3 vertical shaft upwards.
Laser Borer
Laser Borer.png
Digs a 3x3 vertical shaft downwards.
Workfloor Excavator MK1
WorkFloorExcavator MK1.png
Digs 33m wide, 3m tall circle. Does not clear ore blocks.
Workfloor Excavator MK2
WorkFloorExcavator MK2.png
Same as MK1, however it will remove ore blocks.
Workfloor Excavator MK3
Workfloor Excavator MK3.PNG
Same as MK2, but 4 times faster.
Geological Surveyor
Geological Surveyor.png
Gives a report of available resources under the surveyor.
Basic Quarry
Basic Quarry.png
Returns all resources found while excavating a shaft.