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A Focusing Lens is an upgrade that boosts the throughput (speed) of Laser Energy Transmitters.

Lenses are crafted out of either mob drops or crystals found deep underground. Some lenses provide a linear/flat boost to the PPS, while others provide a percentage improvement.


In the early game with Basic, Mk 1 and Mk 2 Laser Energy Transmitters, it is recommended to use the flat-boost lenses (Diamond, Emerald, Ruby & Sapphire) as it will give you a better boost.  e.g. A Mk 2 Laser with a Sugalite (+200%) lens provides less boost than a Sapphire (+100 PPS)

Once you have Mk 3 Lasers, it is recommend to switch to a percentage-boost lens as most will provide a better boost than the best flat-boost lens (Sapphire).

Different Lenses

Name Icon Description
Diamond Focusing Lens
Diamond Focusing Lens.png
Increase by 15 PPS
Emerald Focusing Lens
Emerald Focusing Lens.png
Increase by 30 PPS
Ruby Focusing Lens
Ruby Focusing Lens.png
Increase by 60 PPS
Sapphire Focusing Lens
Sapphire Focusing Lens.png
Increase by 100 PPS
Topaz Focusing Lens
Topaz Focusing Lens.png
Increase by 150% (2.5x throughput)
Sugalite Focusing Lens
Sugalite Focusing Lens.png
Increase by 200% (3x throughput)
Crude Organic Lens
Crude Organic Lens.png
Increase by 25% (1.25x throughput)
Organic Lens
Organic Lens.png
Increase by 100% (2x throughput)
Exceptional Organic Lens
Exceptional Organic Lens.png
Increase by 250% (3.5x throughput)
Polished Chrome Lens
Polished Chrome Lens.png
Increase by 400% (5x throughput)