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Freight carts are part of The Adventures Pack DLC, and provide advanced logistic abilities.

Technology Edit

Freight carts are initially unlocked with the Scrap Carts tech, and expanded by the same Rolling Stock and later upgrades which also affect Minecarts.

Establishing your freight network Edit

A freight network requires the following items to work:

1. Two or more freight cart stations, configured to receive and/or supply items. 1. Rails connecting these items. 1. A freight cart depot with attached hopper, containing the carts to deploy.

Freight cart stations Edit

Freight cart stations can be attached to a hopper or Mass Storage system. The set freight option needs to be used for each item the station may request or supply, along with the desired stocking level. A stocking level of zero means the station will only supply that item.

Freight cart stations do not require power.

Rails Edit

At the lowest level of tech, only scrap rails are available. Later, these can be upgraded to minecart rails, which allow for faster transport.

Carts cannot move through each other, so a dual-track network—or at least a number of sidings to allow passing—is required. One-way track sections can be used to enforce driving on the correct side of the tracks.

Using one-way tracks for the entry and exit of a station can ensure carts don't try to enter a station from both sides at once.

Depot and carts Edit

Any cart, including minecarts, placed into a hopper next to a freight cart depot will run on the freight network. Depots and carts do not require power to run.

Carts will not be deployed until the 'add cart' button is used at a station it should service. Carts will ferry items to or from their assigned station, and will return to the depot (possibly to be redeployed to another station) if their assigned station is fully stocked, or its requested goods are unavailable.

Troubleshooting Edit

  • If your carts seem to be stuck at a station, switching load orders to 'wait for any' can unstick them.
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