before you do anything you should make sure that there are no mynocks on your conveyor belts otherwise you are screwed and shouldn't be doing this.

once you have gotten rid of all mynocks, start making construction paste grinders and feeding them rock and other things of the like, ex deep rock, bedrock, etc, etc.

once you have around 10-12 thousand construction paste use reinforced blocks to create a cage around the center of the hivemind, the cage should be around 31 wide by 31 long by 25 tall.

once you finish this box make 8 laser resin ablators and 4 laser resin liquifiers and 8 liquid resin refiners and power them all with a total of 3000 power a second for all of them.

to have resin automated, first you will need to make a matter mover and supply it with around 10 pps. there should be a hole in your box and the matter mover should be pointed above the hole transporting items onto a conveyor belt to then be transferred to mynocks for them to feed the hivemind.

how this works is if the hivemind is overfed, the hardened resin will go through the path of least resistance, the hole in the cage, and if it overflows the hardened resin will block the matter movers beam, stopping it from growing and once your ablators and liquifiers clear the blocking hardened resin the hivemind will continue to be fed.

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