Topic Image Description Progress level
Getting Started
CPH in game
This guide covers the early game, from the basic tutorial until you have the Ore Extractor automated. Just started the game
Guide: Base Defense
Missile Turret MK1
Pop Up Turret
This guide will explain how threat works and provide tips on how to defend your CPH and C5. Basic defense guide from start to finish.
Guide:Resin Handling
Laser Resin Liquifier
Refined Liquid Resin
This guide will cover Resin farming setups and Resin Removal. Researched Resin Handling. and ahve atleast 3 Perfect Faceted Eye
Guide:Hive Minds
Hive mind in resin small
This guide will cover hive minds and why your base is now covered in a block you cannot break. also see Guide:Resin Handling 
Guide:Charging the OET
Orbital Energy Transmitter
Guide:Mass Storage
Mass Storage system
Guide:Sorting Systems
Transport Pipe Filter
Conveyor Belt Filter
This guide will cover Sorting system componets and item throughput.
Guide:Cryoplasm Fighting Covers how to fight the cryoplasm and win Frozen Factory. Endgame
Steam Achievements This guide will cover requirements and strategies to get the achievements. Any
Guide:Scalable Design This guide will cover how to design systems in order to easily and quickly increase their production without time-consuming demolition, redesign, and rebuilding. The player can survive without difficulty and is beginning construction of a permanent base
Guide:Creating a Mod and Steam Workshop
Guide:Optimizing Performance How to improve game performance/fps
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