FortressCraft Evolved Wiki
Name Icon Description
Mini Hopper
Disperses resources very slowly. Stores up to 10 resources. Use a Storage Hopper if you want more space and a faster transfer rate.
Logistics Hopper
Disperses resources at a faster rate. Stores up to 2 resources. Use a Storage Hopper if you want more space and a faster transfer rate.
Storage Hopper
Storage Hopper.png
This is the best hopper currently available. It dispenses items quickly, and has a high storage capacity
Directional Storage Hopper
Directional Storage Hopper.png
A special version of the Storage Hopper that only outputs items in one direction
Cryo Hopper
For automated Ruined Organic Parts storage requires power to keep items cooled. (Note: This item appears on the organic tab in the crafting menus)