A Laboratory is needed to research more advanced machinery.

Construction Edit

The Laboratory is built by crafting 27 Laboratory Components and placing them in a 3x3x3 cube.

Usage Edit

The Laboratory consumes experimental pods and very large quantities of power to perform advanced research projects. The Laboratory does not consume research points. Occasionally the Laboratory will require other materials for research projects, i.e. soft resin for the resin handling research.

Energy can be transferred through all 54 faces (6 faces * 3x3 face) either with batteries, lasers or directly from Pyrothermic Generators. The laboratory can accept up to 2500 power a second per side, meaning providing power to one side is not enough to fullfill the desired 3500 power per second. The more power provided, the faster the current project will finish.

One Experimental Pod of any type requires 12000 power to fully decompose. It takes 10s to decompose 1 pod, making 1200 pps an optimal power supply.

Important: It is not a good idea to place the Laboratory adjacent to the Central Power Hub, as it needs an enormous amount of energy to complete new research. While in operation, the laboratory will consume all power produced by the Hub. It may be a better idea to construct the laboratory in a nearby convenient location and use the 6 faces to create an array of Pyrothermic Generators. The laboratory can be demolished and moved as needed.

The GUI, currently, is not updated after research is completed. You need to close the GUI and interact with the Laboratory again to collect research.

Analyzing Mode Edit

Using the analyzing mode the laboratory can break down Hive Brain Matter and Research Parts for research points (RP) spendable in the Research Station. Hive brain matter is obtained from the destruction of a HiveMind and grants the player 10 RP. Research Parts are obtained from Orbital Drop Pods and grant the player 5 RP.

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Images Edit


The Laboratory GUI

Laboratory 1st Layer

The first layer of laboratory parts laid out


The completed laboratory

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