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The machines in this category send power from one place to another. It takes energy from adjacent power blocks and transmits it to any machine that will accept power. Chains of Laser Energy Transmitters (acronym LET's) can move power over long distances horizontally or vertically. They also create one-way power transfer when air-gapped. This is useful for keeping a turret powered by a local PSB when the main power trunk is drained. Focusing Lenses can increase the rate of power transmission. The laser coming out from the transmitter shows where the power is going to transmitted. A noticeable burst in brightness is visible in the laser when a packet of energy is sent.

The transmitters are currently the primary way to transfer energy across any sort of usable distance. They take in energy into their internal buffer before transmitting the power. The power is transmitted in a packet of a certain size. The transmitter waits until it has enough energy in the buffer to send the packet. There does not seem to be any energy loss with distance, so long chains of laser transmitters have no power downsides. For other ways of transporting power, see Power transfer.

Operation modes

A Laser Energy Transmitter has two modes:

  1. Fire constantly
  2. Wait for full Battery

If the "Wait for full Battery" Mode is active, the transmitter will not send power until the attached battery is charged. This enables prioritization of energy systems.

You can press the "Q" button while hovering over the transmitter to reset the "average transfer per second" counter.

Different LET's


Icon Description
Basic Laser Energy Transmitter
Basic Laser Energy Transmitter.png
Very low power transmission rate. Useful in the early game to power non-upgraded ore extractors.
Laser Energy Transmitter MK1
Laser Energy Transmitter.png
Basic early game power transmission.
Laser Energy Transmitter MK2
Laser Energy Transmitter MK2.png
Upgrade to the basic LET, transmitting 4 times as much power per second.
Laser Energy Transmitter MK3
Laser Energy Transmitter MK3.png
Transmits power 8 times faster than the MK2


09 jan 2017: Added changelog template
08 jan 2017: Updated to game version 15.5: LET MK1 namechange