FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

Lift is a 3x3 platform that can transfer the player up to 64 blocks vertically which can be extended to 256 blocks vertically with a Lift Compressor that is supplied power.


When placed, the 3x3 platform will appear two blocks above the Lift block itself (the Lift block will be in the middle of the 3x3 platform).

To use the lift you simply go stand on it and it will start going up. When up the Lift will automatically go down again when stood upon.

To control the Lift manually you'll need the Lift Controller.

The lift will extend to a height of 64 meters or until there is a block in its path. when a block is in its path it will stop 2m below the block.

The lift will always try to be at foot level with the player as long as the player is above the lift base and with in range of the lift.

To change the lifts max height the player needs to look at the base block and use "Q" to increase and "E" to decrease the height. to raise the max height above 64m a powered Lift Compressor will need to be attached to the base block.



In multi player the high is limited to 64 blocks because of technical restrictions.