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Adds pressure to the Lift. Since the Lift uses pressure to move itself it requires more pressure to extend more. Without compressors the maximum height of the lift is 64 blocks, with one or more added to the Lift the maximum height is upgraded to 256 blocks.


The compressor is placed on one of the four available horizontal sides of the Lift block by aiming at it. If the Compressor is not placed by aiming at the Lift block it is not going to work. Once placed correctly, the orientation of the Lift Compressor does not matter.

Best way to power four Lift Compressors is to make a cross of Power Storage Blocks underneath the lift and the compressors. Hence to power the Lift and the Lift Compressors, a minimum of five Power Storage Blocks are needed.



The following table uses Lift Compressors with max power and pressure stored in the Lift and Lift Compressors. The Lift Compressor also shortens the time it takes for the pressure to be restored after the Lift has been used, this is measured in the next table.

Number of compressors Max height Travel time

(upward, seconds)

0 64 N/A
1 256 38
2 256 24
3 256 24
4 256 24

Although it seems like you only would need two compressors, if the Lift is used frequently and for the whole 256 blocks, more compressors are required for the Lifts pressure to be restored in time for the next use.

One Lift Compressor can restore 0.15 l/s (liters per second) of air.

Category Value Unit
Pressure Recovery 0.15 l/s
Power Usage 1 power/s
Power Capacity 150 power
Power Transfer Rate 5 power/s

Research Required