FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

The Manufacturing Plant is a machine used to craft items or machines in the game based on blueprints that the player has discovered through research. Some items can only be crafted using the manufacturing plant. The Manufacturing Plant can also be feed materials via Hopper to aid in the automation of crafted items. See Automation.

Requires the Build Gun v2 to move.


When looking at the manufacturing plant press “E” to open the user interface and view all the blueprints available to you. Additional blueprints will unlock as the player progresses through Laboratory research. 


The “BLUEPRINTS” pane contains a number of tabs at the top to organize blueprints available to the player into logical categories. 

  • All items
  • Mining Equipment
  • Power Transmission & Power Storage
  • Item Transport & Item Storage
  • Suit Upgrades & ARTHER Upgrades
  • Defense
  • Alien Life (lack of a better term)
  • Crafting Components
  • Minecarts
  • Manufacturing
  • Decorative

When an item in the "BLUEPRINTS" pane is selected the “ITEM INFO” pane will update to provide the user with an image and descriptive text about the item. 

The “MATERIALS” pane will indicate what materials are needed to craft the item and how much is required (cost). The numbers to the right display two values. [items in player inventory] / [required to craft].  When a player is missing items the numbers will be red in color. When the player has enough materials to craft the selected item, the color will change to green. 


The Manufacturing Plant can be used to automate the crafting items as part of a manufacturing process. It can be configured to craft a specific number of items or craft an infinite number of items.

In order to automate crafting of items, the Manufacturing Plant needs to be connected to a power source like a Power Storage Block. Use a Hopper to supply required materials for the recipe and for the output of the finished product. 

It consumes approx. 33 PPS for 10 seconds (330 power total) to craft one item.