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Missiles are the next tier of base defense after laser weaponry. Missles are first unlocked from the Advanced Defence research .

Missiles will not launch unless the target has sufficient HP.  As threat increases, target HP will increase.  Missiles become useful once threat is in the 7-10k range.

Basic Missile

Basic Missiles manufactured by the Empty Missile Assembler and Missile Fueller. Each missile deals 75,000 damage.

Basic Missile.png

Imbued Missile

Plasma-Imbued Missile.png

Plasma Imbued Missiles are made by imbuing Basic Missiles in the Warhead Imbuer using 50,000 energy at 840 pps for a full minute. This Raises the missiles damage to 450,000.

  • Basic Missile

Armor-Piercing Missiles

Armour Piercing Missile.png

Armor-Piercing Missiles are made using the Armour Piercing Warhead Fitter. Armor-Piercing Missiles deal a total of 750,000 damage enough to one-shot a boss.

CryoChilled Missile

CryoChilled Missile.png

Made using the CryoChilled Missile Assembler. These missiles will slow down enemies.

Mephitic Missile

Mephitic Missile.png

Made using the Mephitic Missile Assembler. Mephitic missiles deal damage over time.

Cluster Missiles

No Icon.png

Made using the Cluster Missile Crafter. Grants 8 rapid-fire missiles. Each missile deals 112,500 damage