FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

The Adventures Pack is designed for people who like to start new worlds over and over, with a wide variety of ways of altering the game. Known as 'Mutators', these allow you to alter the game in ways hitherto impossible. 

Available Mutators are:

RoboMania Use a completely new form of Logistics, build guide paths for robots, and shun conveyors.
Sky Islands Build upwards through a series of floating islands, and avoid falling into the infinite lava fields.
Hardcore Crafting Enforced stack limits and no manual crafting mean a very different approach to the game
OSHA Mode Everything that looks dangerous to the touch, is dangerous to the touch.
Resinpocalypse Your base is encircled, surrounded by fast-growing hives. Can you charge the OET before you disappear under a dome of resin?
Lucrative Mobs murder your way to success.
Important CPH keep the hub of your base alive, or suffer the consequences!
Aggressive Mobs Mobs shoot first.