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Mynocks are parasitic organisms which spawn on conveyors and basic conveyors. They will consume any item passing on the conveyor and will cause the active hivemind to grow.

Behavior Edit

Mynocks spawn on conveyor belts, regardless of free space around, below 80 m on normal difficulty or below 48 m on hard mobs setting. After spawning, mynocks will not become active for a few seconds. Once active, they will consume anything that passes on the conveyor and then sleep for 30 seconds. A puff of smoke will briefly float toward the active hivemind. Mynocks cannot spawn or transfer to a Transport Pipe.

Protection Edit

Since mynocks pose a dual threat, it is advisable to cover any susceptible conveyors with turrets (mk1,mk2 or mk3). Mk2 are preferred, since Mk1 and Mk3 do not instakill the mynocks, and they will be able to eat before dying. Use Holobase Tactical Mode to make sure all conveyor blocks have turret coverage. When setting up the power system, make sure that the turrets have their own, isolated battery, and that the LPTs for the ore extractors are set to "wait for full battery". This will prevent the turrets losing power before the ore extractor stops sending ore.  If your layout has a large amount of buffereing at the extractor, the mynocks could drain all the power from your turrets and begin eating your ore.


mynocks feasting on a line, a newly placed turret clearing them out

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