FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

The Plasma Head Charger takes a Steel Cutter Head and imbues it with 50,000 power creating a Plasma-Imbued Cutter Head which increases the ore rate MASSIVELY for a short time.

The machine uses at most 840 PPS to charge a head. At this power rate it will take 60 seconds to create one Cutter Head. Less power can be used for a slower charge time.

The cutter head extracts at 100% efficiency and will last for 2000 ore (~80 bars in hardest mode), and will cause the Ore Extractor to extract at 4x the rate.


  • Automate the production of Steel Cutter Heads to make running this machine easier!
  • Use Matter Movers to get the Imbued heads to the Ore Extractors to reduce the number of Plasma heads that need to be kept in transport.
  • Alternately, use Logistics FALCOR to transport Plasma heads.  Will need two Logistics Hopper and one Transport Pipe.  Set hopper next to Ore Extractor to Remove Only so the Ore Extractor doesn't fill it.  Use pipe to transport heads from second hopper to first.  On top of second hopper place Logistics FALCOR. Place a FALCOR Beacon on top of hopper storing Plasma heads and provide power to Beacon.