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Machines in this category produce power by various means. Power will be transferred into any adjacent machines and/or power storage blocks that have unfilled power capacity.

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Pyrothermic Generator Pyrothermic Generator.png This is the first power generator available. Burns coal to produce power. Power production can be increased through upgraded fuel.
Solar Panel Solar Panel.png Generates power through sunlight only. Power generation rises and falls throughout the Fortresscraft Evolved day/night cycle.
Organic Solar Panel Organic Solar Panel.png Generates even more power through the sunlight but can also generate power through Novalight.
MK2 Solar Panel Solar Panel MK2.png Multi-block solar panel (has placement restrictions).
MK2 Organic Solar Panel MK2 Organic Solar Component.png Multi-block organic solar panel (has placement restrictions).
Jet Turbine Generator Housing Jet Turbine Generator Housing.png A completed Jet Turbine generates a large amount of power using High Energy Composite Fuel.
Jet Turbine Generator Intake Jet Turbine Generator Intake.png Combine with Jet Turbine Housing above to create a Jet Turbine.
Geothermal Generator Geothermal Generator comp.png Generates an extreme amount of power in the cold caverns, T4 power generator.