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The machines in this category send power from one place to another. Chains of Laser Energy Transmitters (LET's) can move power over long distances horizontally or vertically. They also create one-way power transfer when air-gapped. This is useful for keeping a turret powered by a local PSB when the main power trunk is drained. Induction Chargers greatly simplify the tasks of collecting power from multiple generators and distributing power to multiple machines.

Name Icon Description
Basic Laser Energy Transmitter
Basic Laser Energy Transmitter.png
This is the basic slow energy transmiter
Laser Energy Transmitter
Laser Energy Transmitter.png
Laser Energy Transmitter MKII
Laser Energy Transmitter MK2.png
Laser Energy Transmitter MKIII
Laser Energy Transmitter MK3.png
Equalizes Power between MK4 Batteries.
Induction Charger
Induction Charger.png
Early game multi-block structure for easily transmitting/collecting power to/from multiple machines in a 5x5 block area.


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