FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

The Refinery Reactor Vat is a 3x3x3 (27 blocks) multi-block machine to convert Biomass into Plastic Pellets or High Energy Composite Fuel. Before processing these materials, a Refinery Controller is required to be attached to one side of the Reactor Vat. The material output is determined by the Refinery Controller and not the Reactor Vat.

The Refinery Reactor Vat can be stacked on top of one another to increase the internal power capacity and the speed at which it processes Biomass.

The Refinery Reactor Vat can accept power from a Power Storage Block or Laser Energy Transmitter through any of it's sides.  It is also 1 of only 3 machines capable of accepting the Solar Panel MK2 as a power source.

Power Capacity: 3000