Completing a research project will unlock blueprints for new or improved machinery and upgrades as well as more advanced research projects.

The first few projects only cost Research Points and a small amount of energy and are performed at the Research Station.

More advanced research projects with the description "Requires Laboratory" must be completed through the use of the Laboratory, and will require items such as Experimental Pods, and an extremely high amount of energy to complete.

 Project ListEdit

The following is a list of research projects that are obtained by spending Research Points at the Research Station

Research Project Name Cost
Black Box Data 1
Local Life Forms 5
Base Building 5
Anthropological Osteology 15
Assembly Line Machines 5
Power Grid 5
Base Defence 10
Upgraded Power Grid 12
Basic Mining Upgrades I 5
Suit Upgrading 8
Room Building 5
Aesthetics 5
Spooky Aesthetics 1
Room Aesthetics 5
Laboratories 10
Automation 5
Agriculture 5
SpiderBot 10
Basic SpiderBot Defences 10
Basic SpiderBot Logistics 10
Improved Ore Scanning 1
Freight Transit 5
Mothballed 0

The following projects are researched at the Laboratory and use the number of Experimental Pods listed

Research Project Name
Basic Experimental Pod
Simplified Experimental Pod
Intermediate Experimental Pod
Complex Experimental Pod
Advanced Experimental Pod
Ultimate Experimental Pod
XL Experimental Pod
Basic Logistics 5 2
Advanced Logistics and Storage 10 5
Improved Cargo Lifts 25 15
Basic Miner Upgrades II 10
Intermediate Miner Upgrades I 5 15
Intermediate Miner Upgrades II 5 15 35
Advanced Miner Upgrades 5 15 35 50
Bulk Miner Upgrades 25 75 135 150
Crystal Dynamics 5 55 45
Intermediate SpiderBot Defences 15 12
Advanced SpiderBot Defences 100 150
Advanced Defence 75 75
Missile Defence 125 125
Cold Research 5 10
Cryogenics Research 50 50 35
Advanced Power Grid 50 50 25
Metal Alloys 25 10 25
Rolling Stock 25 25
Improved Minecarts 128 128 128 128
Improved Minecart Logistics 128 128 128 128
Hydrocarbon Recombination 15 75 45 25 35
Orbital Power Transmission 125 125 125

The following projects are researched at the Laboratory and use other items to complete the research

5x Research Point 1 x Research Parts Research Parts
Advanced Crystal Dynamics 200 x Crystal Deposit Crystal Deposit
Advanced Room Building 128 x Construction Paste Construction Paste
Clean Room Building 1280 x Construction Paste Construction Paste
Resin Handling 25 x Soft Resin Soft Resin
Basic Rocketry 512 x Biomass Biomass
Advanced Storage 25 x Refined Liquid Resin Refined Liquid Resin   25 x Intermediate Experimental Pod Intermediate Experimental Pod
Bulk Storage 150 x Refined Liquid Resin Refined Liquid Resin   25 x Basic Experimental Pod Basic Experimental Pod

The following projects are researched at the Laboratory and are part of the Frozen Factory Expansion.

Cheat Sheet / Research Tree Edit

TechTree & Frozen Factory

Research Tree

Tech Tree for Fortresscraft Evolved & Frozen Factory Expansion

Click here for a chart of all research, including recipes unlocked and their material costs. You can also click the image below. (Fortresscraft Evolved - without expansion) This chart is a work-in-progress. If there is incorrect information, please post a comment so changes can be made. Thank you

Alternate version Edit

Research tree made using Python, PlantUML and GraphViz.


Alternate Research Tree

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