Rooms are used to partition your base.  They primary use is to improve performance rendering large bases.  When the player is inside the room, nothing outside the room is rendered (drawn) and vice versa.  This increases the FPS of the game. When inside a room, there is no fog and little to no sound.(until you build things inside it).  In later updates, rooms will also give bonuses such as faster crafting times, reduced costs, etc.

Building a roomEdit

Begin building a room by placing 1 x Generic Room Controller Generic Room Controller in the location you want to build the room.  The controller will then give instructions via text and visual clues to building a room. You will also be required to create inner and outer airlocks for the room. You can arrange 9 x Airlock Inner Airlock Inner blocks and 9 x Airlock Outer Airlock Outer blocks to act as 3x3 doors to your room.

Dimensions For A Room Edit

The controller is 1 block (64+1+64), the Max dimensions for a room 129 x 129 x 129. Giving a grand total volume of 2,146,689 units cubed.

  • 64 blocks to the left of room controller
  • 64 blocks to the right of room controller
  • 64 blocks under room controller
  • 64 blocks over room controller
  • 64 blocks in front of room controller
  • 64 blocks behind room controller

Transferring itemsEdit

To transfer items into or out of a room 1 x Logistics Grommet Logistics Grommet can be built as part of a room wall to allow item transfer. Conveyor Belts or Transport Pipes can be built on either side of the Logistics Grommet to transfer items through the Logistics Grommet.

Transferring energyEdit

To transfer energy into or out of a room 1 x Energy Grommet Energy Grommet can be built as part of a room wall to allow energy transfer. Power Storage Blocks will need to be built adjacent to the Energy Grommet as the energy source to enable the transfer. Any power consumer, including more Power Storage Blocks can be built as the receiver of the energy on the other side of the Energy Grommet.

Types of roomsEdit

(Currently, the types of rooms are limited though more will be added in the future)

Performance BoostEdit

On lower-end computers, the performance boost while inside a room can be substantial.

Connecting rooms Edit

There is no easy room to room door, instead when connecting rooms one should do the following[1]:

Room 1 <-> Airlock in <3m Gap> Airlock out <NO GAP> Airlock out <3m Gap> Airlock in <-> Room 2

See screenshot for an example made with 1 wall of the airlocks missing to show the structure

Airlock r2r example

References Edit

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