Solar Panel Edit

While Solar Panels may seem expensive compared to Pyrothermic Generators that can have their PPS increased by burning enriched coal, they make for that by not relying on constant fuel supply.

They can only generate power from sunlight and require sky clearance, which means no blocks must be placed above them.

Solar Panels will not work if there's a Space window and regular Window block above them.

PPS (Normal) PPS (Scarce)
Peak Energy Output 22,5 9
Average Energy Output 6,4 2.6


Organic Solar Panel Edit

Produces twice as much power than the basic solar panel.

These Solar Panels require Resin from Hiveminds as well as perfect wasp parts that can be acquired from defeating the attacking monster waves.

Organic Solar Panels also generate power during the night from Novalight. Power generated from Novalight is severely reduced when compared to daylight. The rest of the restrictions are the as the regular solar panels.

These panels cannot be upgraded.

PPS (Normal) PPS (Scarce)
Peak Energy Output 45
Average Energy Output 13,4



Solar Panel MK2 Edit

These large Solar Arrays can only be placed on top of the Laboratory, the Refinery or large Power Storage

Units such as Mk4 and Mk5 Batteries.


PPS (Normal) PPS (Scarce)
Peak Energy Output 405
Average Energy Output 60




Organic Solar Panel MK2 Edit

Upgraded version of the Mk2 Panels, providing more energy.

Can produce a tiny amount of energy during the night.

PPS (Normal) PPS (Scarce)
Peak Energy Output 540
Average Energy Output 120
Energy Output from Novalight 12

On Scarce with always night on Organic Solar Panel Mk2 produces 15 pps as of build 17. This is 1,296,000 power per 24 hours. Total resources to produce is 450 lithium bars, 405 gold bars, 108 iron bars, 450 crystal deposit, 48 Crystal Clocks(240 crystal deposit and 240 power), 96 Refined Liquid Resin(960 Liquid Resin and _ power)