FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

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Item Storage

Name Icon Description
Storage Crate
Storage Crate.png
This item is basic long term storage. Cannot be automated.
Colored Storage Crate
No Icon.png
Colored version of storage crate. Comes in red, green, blue, purple, yellow, black, and white.
Mini Hopper
Disperses resources very slowly. Stores up to 10 resources. Use a Storage Hopper if you want more space and a faster transfer rate.
Logistics Hopper
Disperses resources at a faster rate. Stores up to 2 resources. Use a Storage Hopper if you want more space and a faster transfer rate.
Storage Hopper
This is the best hopper currently available. It dispenses items quickly, and has a high storage capacity
Directional Storage Hopper
Directional Storage Hopper.png
A special version of the Storage Hopper that only outputs items in one direction
Cryo Hopper
For automated Ruined Organic Parts storage requires power to keep items cooled. (Note: This item appears on the organic tab in the crafting menus)
Mass Storage Block
Mass Storage Block.png
Basic building block for mass storage. Houses 25 items, easily expandable.
Mass Storage Input Port
Mass Storage Input Port.png
Transfers items from conveyors into Mass Storage. There are multiple varieties.
Mass Storage Output Port
Mass Storage Output Port.png
Transfers items from Mass Storage to conveyors. There are multiple varieties.

Player Transport

Name Icon Description
Instantly moves player from one location to another.
Lift w/underside Piston
T1 Lift.png
Like an elevator, automatically moves the player vertically 64 blocks.
Lift Manual Control Module
Lift Manual Control Module.png
Allows player to manually control the speed and direction of lift.
Lift Compressor
Lift Compressor.png
Extends the range of lift to up to 256 blocks.

Item Transport

Name Icon Description
Basic Conveyor Belt
Basic Conveyor Belt-0.png
Entry level conveyor, slow speed.
Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt.png
Conveyor with medium speed.
Up Sloped Conveyor
Up Sloped Conveyor.png
Up sloped version of Conveyor Belt.
Down Sloped Conveyor
Down Sloped Conveyor.png
Down sloped version of Conveyor Belt.
Transport Pipe
Transport Pipe.png
Like a conveyor, but protects items from Mynocks and environmental hazards like extreme cold and toxic. High speed.
Basic Robotic Sorter
Basic Robotic Sorter.png
Automatically moves a specific item between two conveyors.
Intermediate Robotic Sorter
Intermediate Robotic Sorter.png
Automatically moves a specific item between two conveyors at a fast rate.
Upgraded Robotic Sorter
Upgraded Robotic Sorter.png
Automatically moves a specific item between two conveyors at a very fast rate.
Basic Matter Mover
Matter Mover.png
Instantly beam items up to 64m away!
Dual Matter Mover
Dual Matter Mover.png
Beams 2 items at a time, but only up to 32m away.
Quad Matter Mover
Quad Matter Mover.png
Beams 4 items at a time, but only up to 16m away.
Multi Matter Mover
Multi Matter Mover.png
Beams 32 items at a time, but only up to 8m away.
Collects items from FALCOR Beacons placed on the ground.
Collects nearby outdoor unharvested Plants and returns them. Needs attached storage hopper.
Logistics FALCOR
Collects items from FALCOR Beacons placed on hoppers.
FALCOR Beacon.png
When placed on ground, will collect items lying within a 16m radius and will signal FALCOR MK1 to come collect. If placed on hopper, will signal Logistics FALCORs to pick up items in hopper.
Rack Railer
Rack Railer.png
Creates Rack Rails for Cargo Lift.
Cargo Lift Controller
Cargo Lift Controller.png
Key function is to set up lift rails and transfer power to Cargo Lift.
Basic Cargo Lift
Basic Cargo Lift.png
The smallest capacity and slowest of possible Cargo Lifts.
Improved Cargo Lift
Improved Cargo Lift.png
Improved capacity and speed over the Basic Cargo Lift.
Bulk Cargo Lift
Bulk Cargo Lift.png
Largest capacity of any Cargo Lift.

Transport Logistics

Name Icon Description
Conveyor Turntable
Conveyor Turntable.png
Evenly distributes items from one conveyor to up to 4 adjacent conveyors.
Conveyor Belt Filter
Conveyor Belt Filter.png
Limits which items can travel on conveyor by type. Used to a hopper.
Advanced Conveyor Filter
Advanced Conveyor Filter.png
Allows players to determine the exact items that can use conveyor.
Priority Splitter
Priority Splitter.png
Sends all incoming items right, unless blocked, then left.
Zipper Merge
Zipper Merge.png
Combines 2 conveyor lines into 1 with a perfect 50/50 distribution.
3'n1 Zipper Merge
3'n1 Zipper Merge.png
Combines 2 conveyer lines into one. Differs from the other zipper in that it is a 3 right/1 left distribution. Useful for research pod production.
Transport Pipe Filter
Transport Pipe Filter.png
Limits which items can travel through pipes by type.
Motorized Conveyor
Motorised Conveyor.png
Removes items from a hopper 3x faster than a normal conveyor.


Name Icon Description
Ore Thief
Ore Thief.png
Automatically removes Ore from player inventory when the standing on platform.
Garbage Thief
Garbage Thief.png
Automatically removes items categorized as Garbage from player inventory when standing on platform.
Automatically moves items in adjacent hopper to nearby player inventory.
Bar Keeper
Bar Keeper.png
Automatically removes bars from players when they leave the server.
Auto Organic Thief
Auto Organic Thief.png
Automatically removes Ruined Organic Parts from the player inventory when standing on platform. WARNING: Use with a Cryo Hopper to prevent parts from disappearing.
Waypoint Machine
Waypoint Machine.png
Creates a waypoint on the screen.
Auto Builder
Auto Builder.png
Automatically builds a straight line of conveyors.
Auto Upgrader
Auto Upgrader.png
Automatically upgrades an existing conveyor line to a higher tier.
Manufacturing Plant
Manufacturing Plant-0.png
The main crafting station. You begin the game with one.