FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

Storage Crate.jpg

Description: "Connect multiple crates together to increase available inventory space. A simple wooden crate that can store a small amount of items. Cannot be automated."

Crates must be sharing at least one face in order to connect. (on a larger and oddly-shaped crate such as an L-shaped crate, adding a new single crate could potentially cause it to share up to 2 of it's faces with existing faces if placed in the corner, merging one larger crate with a single crate)

Each additional crate adds 2 inventory spaces. Each inventory space is limited to 100 items for stackable items.

Items cannot be added automatically using a conveyor system.

Items cannot be removed except via player interaction.


Colored Crates

You can craft up to 7 colored crates using a plain Wooden Crate and Canvas.

  • Red: 1 Red Canvas & 1 Storage Crate
  • Green: 1 Green Canvas & 1 Storage Crate
  • Blue: 1 Blue Canvas & 1 Storage Crate
  • White: 1 White Canvas & 1 Storage Crate
  • Yellow: 1 Red & 1 Green Canvas and 1 Storage Crate
  • Purple: 1 Blue & 1 Green Canvas and 1 Storage Crate
  • Black: 1 Red, Green, Blue and White Canvas & 1 Storage Crate


  • This crate has a UI compared to the hoppers, this and it's cheap cost makes it ideal for storing items that you might need later but need easy access to like machines that are used temporarily like BFL-9000 or an Auto Excavator.
  • The game has a very long interaction range. Creating a part of the crate very high up can allow you to interact with the crate long distances away