FortressCraft Evolved Wiki

Description: "Can be connected to other machines for automation. Stores up to 100 resources."

This is the best hopper currently available. It dispenses items quickly, and has a high storage capacity, however it is considerably more expensive than either the Logistics Hopper or the Mini Hopper.

Manual Interaction

Items can be manually taken from a hopper by pressing "Q". Each half second while holding Q and aiming at a Storage Hopper, all contents of one item type will be extracted into the player's inventory. For example, if the hopper contains 10 Tin Bars and 20 Iron Bars, it will take 1 second to empty the hopper. Sorting is recommended for this reason.

Items can be manually placed into a hopper by selecting the item in the hotbar and pressing T, which will fill the hopper to its capacity if enough items are available. Pressing Shift+T stores 10 items at a time, pressing CTRL+T will store 1 item at a time.

Extraction Limits

Using Conveyor Belts, 50 items per minute can be extracted from each side of the Storage Hopper. Using a Motorized Conveyor, extraction speed can reach up to 150 items per side, at the cost of power per item.

If a hopper has multiple conveyors attached, the hopper will show a preference to the first route taken. If the original route gets jammed or is still on "cool down" due to the above limits, the hopper will choose a new route.


Hoppers can be daisy-chained to increase storage capacity. Ore will "spill" from the origin hopper in an attempt to even out the capacities of all connected hoppers. For a visible representation of this effect, place down a lot of Power Storage Blocks (empty) in the shape you want your hoppers to be, then begin adding power to a single one and observe the effects. This only works with Ores and placeable blocks, not bars or other manufactured items.

I/O Modes

Hopper I/O rules have 4 modes.  You can cycle modes by pressing "Shift+Q" or set them from the interface accessed with "E". These modes only apply to machines, Conveyor Belts will genrally override these settings with exception to the locked mode.

  • AddAndRemove: Items can be dispensed from the hopper (removed) and placed into the hopper (added).
  • RemoveOnly: Items can only be dispensed from the hopper (removed).
  • AddOnly: Items can only be added to the hopper (added).
  • Locked: Items cannot be dispensed from the hopper (removed) or placed into the hopper (added).  This mode also prevents Conveyer Belt extraction.

Additionally, hoppers have a vacuum mode which can be enabled by pressing "SHIFT + E". This will pull nearby items into the hopper.

Trival & Tips

Storage Hoppers are very useful in preventing or relieving early game bottlenecks in a conveyor system, simply replace the Logistics Hopper or Mini Hopper with it. It can dispense items so quickly, it will usually clear up the bottleneck.