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The Adventures Pack is a DLC that adds new modes of play to the base game called Mutators.

Other features that are available with this DLC, even without enabling one of the Mutators are:

  • Freight Carts. A massive evolution of the original Mod, the Freight system introduces 12 new types of Cart, specifically designed to excel in various roles. You'll be able to place down a complex, yet understandable, Freight network, with carts automatically and intelligently moving and balancing resources around your base. If you like trains, then this is for you!
  • Robotics
  • The Railgun. A kilometre of magnetically-accelerated machinery allows you to put satellites into orbit. Compare your best launch times with your friends and the world!
  • GPS tool. The Railgun isn't just for show.
  • Advanced Teleporters. Leap around your base quickly and logically.
  • Unique AntiGrav Pod. Ladders? How quaint.
  • Fully-automated Hydroponic setups!
  • Plus the dozens and dozens of items and machines added since the Frozen Factory release in July 2016!

The Adventure Pack was introduced initially as Patreon only access while it was in development. The public release was with patch 23 on 10 Dec 2018.