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A Tunnel Nuker 'digging' its way to the base. See the resin it leaves behind.

A hostile enemy that is sent from the Overmind to come create a shorter path to the CPH. When it explodes, it destroys blocks in a sphere shape around it and leaves behind Soft Resin and sometimes Organic Rock. It will not attack the player.

It will spawn only if there is an obstruction in the way towards the hub, like a mountain or a wall. It has a distinct sound that plays while moving until it explodes. The player can kill it by placing defences in the path of the Nuker. Killing it with the player's Ray Gun is not practical, as it has around 1,000HP. However, killing it will still leave some soft resin in the area. It is advisable to clean up the floor of Soft Resin quickly, for one could never know if a Worm Boss might spawn

In case of explosion, the building blocks of the affected area will become Soft Resin, except the Reinforced Rock blocks that are invulnerable. The next time Soft Resin blocks are hit, those will be destroyed.

a Tunnel Nuker leaving the Overmind (right)